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We’re always looking for suitable hotel real estate for lease or purchase across both Germany and Europe, for an array of well-known hotel chains and private hotel operators. Click on ‘Search profile’ to learn more. Our specialist brokers in Frankfurt am Main would be more than happy to help.

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Brokerage of hotel real estate

Nowa Hotel Real Estate is committed to discreet brokerage of hotel real estate for lease and sale in a spirit of trust. To achieve this, we work with an array of renowned hotel chains, investors, private hotel operators and hotel owners, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive contacts and experience mean that we know just what matters when it comes to brokering an arrangement between owners and lessors. We use this expertise to build a trust-based business relationship and prevent any future disputes within the context of a long-term collaboration with both parties.

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Contractual parties

We believe that concluding a fair, transparent contract is in the best interests of both parties. We always try to achieve a win-win situation for both parties to the contract, so that we can guarantee the long-term success of the business relationship and the contract alike. We are categorically opposed to unfair business practices, such as bids by fake prospective buyers: these practices go against our outstanding reputation as a trustworthy service provider. If you’d like to lease or sell your hotel, please contact your specialist broker.

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Negotiation stages

During negotiations, we pay particular heed to the interests and wishes of both parties, with the aim of working in a solution-focused way. We have years of experience, which enables us to deploy negotiation strategies in a manner that generates the best possible results. This includes the calculation of a fair lease and market-based sales price using meaningful statistics and market analyses. In addition, we help lessors receive fair, objectively calculated compensation for their property if they’re considering handing off their hotel.

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